Certainly an unusual name – what lies behind it?

“Surrounded by Children” is a campaign that was prepared by the Pionýr (Pioneer) Organisation to mark the European Year of Volunteers. With its help, we want to call as much attention as possible to volunteers who work with children and young people – the heads of associations, clubs, circles, etc. People who you maybe encounter every day, who maybe look after your children, or maybe you just might be one of them.

We want to remind you, in the campaign, that they exist and that their work is not a matter of course. We would like to see volunteers who work with children and young people receive more attention and recognition. We are not afraid to say that these are extraordinary people and we want all of you to think about what makes them so exceptional. There are many people who do not realise that these types of volunteers even exist, what they do – what their patient, inconspicuous and beneficial work comprises, and why they wholeheartedly devote themselves to it.

Their responsibility is great and demands on them are high, yet very little attention is paid to their work.